Best Refrigerator under 30000 in India

best refrigerator under 30000

If you are looking for a complete refrigerator then 30000 is a pretty good budget to buy refrigerator.

Complete refrigerator is the one which is high in energy efficiency, the latest technology with great features and overall performance.

The necessity of a refrigerator under a confined budget is very much required due to their immense benefits.

Lots of companies are competing to grab potential customers and many kinds of research are going on to bring the latest technology to decorate this beautiful machine.

It is quite a tough job to choose the best refrigerator under 30000 in 2020 when the market is loaded with lots of different models and brands.

With the google search, it has become an easy job to choose the best one in the market just with one click.

This article helps you to select the best refrigerator below 30000, so read the full article to get complete knowledge on the refrigerator. 

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1) Haier 320 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

   (Model number: HRB-3404BS-R/HRB-3404BS-E)

best refrigerator under 30000

Haier refrigerators are one of the best budget-friendly options for Indian families with the latest features and technology.

Good news for housewives who are suffering from back pain as it comes with bottom-mounted freezer.

Fridge section is two times greater than any other refrigerator to store an ample amount of vegetables and fruits.

360-degree cooling technology to rotate cold air throughout the refrigerator and air bounces back in every direction.

Stabilizer free operation to protect the compressor from power fluctuation and to avoid the usage of separate stabilizers.

Bigger cool pad helps to retain cooling effect for up to 10 hours even when there is no power.

Can bring freezer temperature to -5 degree Celsius in just 60 minutes by 1-hour icing technology.

  • Excellent design.

  • High star rating.

  • Latest cooling system.
  • No inverter compressor which is the latest technology in every refrigerator.

  • More noise compared to other models.

2) LG 190 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

(Model number: GL-D201ASPX.ASPZEBN)

best refrigerator under 30000

LG refrigerator produces wide range of energy-efficient and stylish refrigerators that fits into your home and delivers perfect storage of food.

Smart inverter compressor provides super silent operation and it is more energy-efficient.

Refrigerator automatically connects to your home inverter and provides continuous cooling and freshness during power cuts.

Removable air gasket prevents the entry of foreign particles into the refrigerators and it can be easily removed and cleaned.

For extra storage of fruits and vegetables, a base drawer is provided which helps in urgent requirements.

Freezer can prepare ice in just 108 minutes, this technology becomes an advantage for families having regular parties.

  • Toughened glass shelvesfor holding heavyweights.

  • Best suitable for a mid-sized family.

  • Direct cool technology is energy efficient compared to frost-free.
  • Requires manual defrosting.

  • Regular design.

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3) Samsung 324 L 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator  

Model number: RT34T4513S8/HL        

best refrigerator under 30000

When it comes to the refrigerator segment, Samsung is one of the most trusted brands in India. Even though Samsung products prices are bit more they won’t compromise with the quality of the product.

Saves lots of energy with digital inverter technology which adjusts the compressor speed in response to cooling demand across 5 levels.

This latest technology delivers rapid cooling performance to preserve food’s freshness and makes more ice.

All-round cooling system: Continuously monitors the temperature inside the refrigerator and cools each compartment evenly from corner to corner.

Specially designed power cool technology chills the food in the fridge 31% faster and power freeze makes ice 31% faster.

Moist fresh zone in the vegetable box monitors the moisture level and adjusts it based on the requirement to keep vegetables fresh.

5 in 1 convertible mode: Can use the freezer as fridge in different seasons to store the extra food and can switch to off mode during vacation.

  • Inverter compressor produces less noise and is more durable.


  • Toughened glass shelves can withstand heavyweights.

  • Efficient led lighting inside the refrigerator illuminates every corner of the refrigerator.

  • Best fridge under 30000 with more positive reviews and star ratings.
  • More price value but this is overshadowed by its various technology.

4) LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

   (Model Number:  GL-I292RPZL)

best refrigerator under 30000

Famous and highest reviewed refrigerator provides the ultimate blend of power, precision and performance.

When it comes to energy efficiency, this refrigerator has solar smart connect technology to reduce electricity costs.

Smart inverter compressor produces less noise and gives longer freshness retention time.

Smart connect technology automatically connects your refrigerator to home inverter during power cuts.

Multiple airflow cooling circulates cool air to every corner of the refrigerator to ensure even cooling.

Smart diagnosis technology quickly detects the issue inside the refrigerator and reports it to the LG specialist within no time.

Stabilizer free operation can prevent the compressor from voltage fluctuation within the range of 100v to 290v.

  • Energy-efficient technology like solar smart connectsmart inverter compressor.

  • Ensures continuous operation by smart connect technology and stabilizer free operation.

  • Double twist ice tray to get the ice cubes quickly.
  • No LED light in the freezer.

  • No external cover for the compressor.

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5) Whirlpool 240 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator 

   (Model number: FP 263D Protton Roy)                                   

best refrigerator under 30000

Whirlpool home appliances brand comes with advanced and intuitive technology to give our customers better than expected results every time.

Triple door design is mainly provided for large storage space, better cooling mixing and no strong odor mixing between the compartments.

6th sense active fresh technology provides two times freshness for fruits and vegetables.

Anti-microbial additive is present inside the container to remove 99% of germs present on the food.

Moisture retention technology provides cool air around the compartment and retains the freshness of the food for a longer time.

Most energy-efficient refrigerator in its class and consumes lesser energy than the CFL bulb (60 watt) due to its above features.

Zeolite technology prevents the ripening of fruits and vegetables and keeps them fresh for long.

Separate fruit storage zone to prevent the odor from mixing with other edibles.

  • Various energy-saving technology makes it more energy efficient.

  • Air booster inside each compartment controls the circulation of cool air and ensures uniform cooling.

  • Provides large storage space for fruits and vegetables.
  • Not an attractive design.

  • Doesn’t have a conversion option to different modes.

6) Haier 258 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

     (Model number: HEF-25TDS)

best refrigerator under 30000

Comes with frost-free technology with a capacity of 258 liter and suitable for family with 2-3 members.

Freezer can be used as a fridge for efficient storage with Haier’s swift convertible features which converts freezer into fridge.

Turbo icing technology accelerates the freezing of freezer products in less time compared to other competitors in same product category.

Anti-fungal gasket prevents the fungal infection and it can be easily removed and cleaned.

Toughened glass shelves can withstand weight up to 150kgs.

3-star rating which accounts for 35% energy savings.

Built-in stabilizer which prevents the compressor from getting damaged due to high voltage fluctuation.

  • Can easily convert your freezer to fridge and back to freezer in less time.


  • Led lighting system which illuminates every corner of the refrigerator.


  • Elegant design with pre-coated metallic door finish design.
  • Not many latest technologies compared to other refrigerators of same range.

  • Not a digital inverter compressor so it can cause noise and vibration.                    

7) Samsung 253 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

   ( Model number: RT28K3723UT/HL )

best fridge under 30000

Samsung 253L deserves to be the best refrigerator under 30000 with digital inverter technology.

The digital inverter compressor enhances the energy efficiency and durability of the refrigerator.

This compressor automatically adjusts the speed to meet cooling demand by ensuring a long-lasting and trouble-free refrigerator.

You can expose your refrigerator to extreme conditions up to 55°C with a digital inverter compressor and smart convertible refrigerator.

With the push of a button, the power freeze feature prepares ice cubes in no time. You get ice cubes 31% faster than normal ice making.

Easy slide shelf lets you efficiently store and access your food items present right at the back and corners.

Movable ice maker lets you have more ice cubes and is easy to use. When you don’t require ice cubes utilize freezer space flexibly by removing it out.

Door alarm alerts you if the door is not closed properly for more than 2 minutes. This prevents the loss of cool air and electricity wastage.

Through the all-round cooling system, cold air is blown out through multiple vents on every shelf maintaining a constant temperature.

Cool pack in the freezer and cool wall in the fridge keeps food chilled up to 12 hours during power outages. It maintains the temperature below 0°C.

You can have flexibility in storage by converting your freezer into the fridge and creating up to 88 liters extra space for storing fresh food.

Moist fresh zone in the vegetable box regulates moisture flow patterns depending on the variation in humidity.

  • Deodorizer.

  • Tempered glass shelves.

  • Coolpack is present.

  • Interior led light.
  • No major drawbacks.

8) Whirlpool 265 L 4 Star ( 2019 ) Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

    ( Model number: IF INV 278 ELT (4S) )

best fridge under 30000

This 3-star refrigerator has advanced intelligence technology that analyzes the data for maximum cooling and long-lasting freshness.

Adaptive intelligence technology has 3 intellisensors to analyze the data based on load, weather, and usage patterns.

It comes with all new 5 in 1 mode convertible freezer. It can be converted based on the food you want to store and usage patterns.

Honeycomb moisture lock technology present in the vegetable crisper helps to maintain optimum moisture in the vegetables.

In normal refrigerators, cold air directly comes in contact with vegetables and takes out the moisture from them. But in the Intellifresh convertible fridge, cool air keeps on flowing around the compartment to retain natural freshness.

Due to the mixing of odor from different food items, food loses its natural taste and odor. Active deo adsorbs bad odor and keeps the environment fresh.

Micro block technology enables the fridge to adapt to varying internal temperature and prevents 99.9% bacterial growth.

Zeolite technology absorbs water vapor and prevents excessive ripening of vegetables and fruits.

Strategically designed air tower lets fresh air into different sections of the fridge and provides uniform cooling for long-lasting freshness.

  • Stabilizer free operation.


  • Advanced intellisense inverter technology.


  • Smart connect technology.


  • 10 years warranty on the compressor.
  • There is no cool pack.

  • Not an advanced convertible refrigerator like Samsung.


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