Best wet grinder in India – Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you remember your grandmother used to use traditional stone grinding for preparing the batter for idli’s, dosa and other delicious wet spices? It was consuming a lot of physical energy and time as well.

Now it has been replaced with Wet grinders which have made our work easier. Just turn on the machine and continue with your other work, your batter will be prepared in no time.

Choosing the best wet grinder in India online has been a challenging task for many. Our experts have listed out the best wet grinders in terms of performance, durability and cost worthiness.

Continue reading the article to get complete guidance on selecting the top wet grinder for your home.

1. Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder, 2 L

Being in the market since 1992, Egli Ultra Ltd is considered one of the best wet grinder brands in India.

This ultra grinder model features a 150-watt capacity 2-litre motor, patented bevel wheel, ABS body, food-grade 304 stainless steel drum, digital timer, buzzer, a multifunctional oven. Paste cleaner, etc.

This Wet Grinder becomes the queen of your kitchen and its elegant look fits easily into your interior. It has a capacity of 2 litres and is very suitable for all the needs of a compact family.

Equipped with a powerful 150W motor and patented conical grinding wheel, it provides efficient grinding, makes your favourite idle paste and plum paste, and delivers the perfect consistency.

In this wet wheat, you can get the perfect texture and prepare delicious food for your family. Its shockproof and surge protectors guarantee safety.

The drum is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which makes it waterproof, improving the performance and longevity of the grinder.

Key Features

  • Flat-type multi-functional drum dough can be stored in the same drum after grinding
  • Powerful 150-watt motor, 150 watt motor for better grinding
  • Lightweight made of ABS, long service life, more beautiful appearance
  • This wet grinder has paste cleaner that makes it easier to clean the stones
  • Atta coconut scraper tray accessories / Fabric kneading accessories can be purchased separately
  • Sharp sand can achieve efficient grinding
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Digital timer
  • Simple locking system
  • Ultra grinder accessories are easily available
  • Empting the drum can be challenging.
  • The machine does not start automatically when power comes back.


2. Panasonic MK-GW200 Super Wet Grinder

Panasonic Mk-GW200 Grinder has been brought up with the best body quality material in this range and with the motive to accomplish the wet grinding task easily and comfortably which makes it a good companion of yours in your kitchen works.

This Panasonic wet grinder machine comes with a speciality of cutting-edge 3D Alpha Flow technology that enhances the efficiency of grinding by 15 %.

This gives a variety of specialities like stainless steel drum, air vents, speed controlling knob, drum lid and superior quality of the main body.

It also provides the functionality of spatula slots that allows a customer to check the batter in the grinder without even opening the lid which makes a unique speciality.

Key Features

  • Provides a facility of alpha flow.
  • The grinders drum is made up of stainless steel which makes the process a lot easier.
  • It is a very lightweight model which makes it easy to handle.
  • Provides a facility of a double pusher.
  • It comes with the functions like a grinder, roller, lid, drum, spatula etc.
  • Smooth working
  • Low noise
  • Grinds very well
  • Easy top lock
  • It will stop working when you open the lid while running

3. Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder, 2L with Coconut Scrapper Attachment

Butterfly smart wet grinder has been made up with the vision to fit in your kitchen work in the best possible ways.

The Butterfly smart wet grinder is designed with the motive to serve a good purpose and to comfort you in your kitchen work.

It is made up of an ABS plastic body which will serve as a shock absorber and heat resistance.

It contains a cylinder that holds the capacity of 2 litres and allows you to make a portion of good and healthy food.

In the addition to all the features, it also has a coconut scrapper, which increases the comfort of the user and provides more help in doing chores.

Key Features

  • ABS Plastic body – The butterfly smart wet grinder’s body is made up of ABS Plastic, which is a shock absorber. The plastic is tough and helps to hold the cylinder.
  • A Coconut Scraper – It is a plus point that the butterfly smart wet grinder provides and it helps the user to scrap the shell completely in a short period.
  • Cylindrical Stone – It contains two cylindrical stones which help the user to make the batter softer.
  • Ventilator – A ventilator helps the machine to maintain body heat and function well.
  • Good looks – It enhances the look of your kitchen by its presence.
  • Abs plastic body
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Great aesthetics
  • Speed control
  • Can’t be used continuously for a long time.

4. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Table Top Wet Grinder

The Elgi Ultra Grind+ Wet Grinder options a combine of litres capability.

The Grinder turns to be the queen of your room and its stylish look merely blends at the side of your interiors.

Its capability of two litres is solely wonderful to satisfy all the necessities of a compact family.

It is equipped with a powerful 150 W motor and proprietary conic stones for economical grinding.

It prepares your favourite idly batter and dosa batter to wonderful consistency.

The drum of this wet grinder is made from 304 food-grade stainless steel that makes it a rust resistant appliance and boosts the grinder’s performance and life.

This Wet Grinder guarantees final grinding performance and should be a flexible and capable appliance in your room.

Key Features

  • 2 Litres capability, which allows the user to make a huge amount of batter at single-use.
  • ABS body, which proves to be a supporter for the stability of the machine and act as a shock absorber.
  • 60 Months assurance. Its shockproof vogue ensures safety.
  • It is fitted with conic stones for effective grinding and low batter temperature
  • Batter can be kept in the same drum even after grinding.
  • ABS Body is light-weight, gives longer life with a modern look
  • It is wise for simple cleanup of conic stones
  • Costly however quality is amazing

5. Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder, 2L

Butterfly rhino plus wet grinder is one of the best editions of the company. Butterfly rhino plus wet grinder is known for its beauty and efficiency.

Butterfly rhino plus is made with a compact design so that it covers a very small space in your kitchen.

The body is made up of ABS plastic which allows the machine to be still and compact even while using.

The plastic tends to be a shock absorber and a heat reluctant which makes it a unique model.

In addition to its amazing features, this version also provides a kneader and a coconut scraper which makes it a preferred item to help you in your kitchen chores.

Key Features

  • ABS Body – The body is made up of ABS Plastic which is so strong enough and serves as a shock absorber.
  • Coconut Scraper – Along with the dough kneader, they provide you with a coconut scraper that lets you scrap the complete shell in a very short period.
  • Easy to handle, clean and maintain, which makes it a plus point for the same.
  • Amazing looks – The Butterfly Rhino plus will add up an elegant look to your kitchen collection and would be your all-time favourite machine.
  • ABS plastic body
  • High torque single phase motor
  • A very strong-arm lid
  • Supports 150 voltage
  • Provides speed control
  • It can’t be used continuously for a long period.

6. Elgi Ultra Dura+ Wet Grinder, 1.25L

Elgi Ultra Dura wet grinder is one of the best designs presented by the company in its edition.

Elgi Ultra Dura white provides the feature of ABS body which makes it most durable and a long-lasting product.

This product has amazing looks which enhance the class of your kitchen and adds an amazing look to the place.

It is made up of a capacity of 1.25 litres which proves to be very spacious and perfect for grinding.

It also provides additional functionalities like a coconut scraper and an aata Kneader which makes up to a plus point.

Key Features 

Amazing and compact body, as the body is made up of ABS, so it enhances the looks and compatibility of the product.

AISI 304 Stainless steel, which enables the machine to store the batter for a longer period.

The drums are made up of stainless steel which enables the user to use the product for a longer period.

It also comes with a bater remover, for easy and better cleaning.

It has an 85 W motor to attain swift, even and perfect grinding.

  • Very easy to handle and use.
  • Additional features like coconut scraper and aata Kneader.
  • provides a warranty of 5 years.
  • An additional batter cleaner is available
  • 85-watt motor and Patented conical stones.
  • Price is a little bit higher at this kind of features availability.

7. Butterfly Hippo Table Top Wet Grinder, 2 L

Butterfly Hippo Table top Wet Grinder comes with a good deal of costs against the options it provides, and additionally the standard of the body.

The surface of the grinder is formed of the ABS body, which provides the user with stable expertise while using the machine.

The ABS body proves to be a shock absorber, therefore there don’t seem to be several issues while using the machine and let the user expertise nice grinding.

This grinder provides an identical ground pressure and a 4-way grinding system.

The lids are created of polycarbonate material that makes them robust and unbreakable.

Drums provides with the edition are created of stainless steel which may be detached when used and might be rinsed simply.

Stainless steel created them a thing which will be used for an extended period of your time while not even any further services required.

Key Features

  • ABS body that ends up in a chock proof experience.
  • Stainless-steel drum, that permits a user to use it for a very long amount of your time with no issues.
  • Sturdy single phase high torque motor
  • Lids are created of polycarbonate material.
  • Spacious, and hence helps the user to make things in bulk.
  • Shock proof body
  • Powerful motor
  • Electric power is 150 W
  • Wattage at a good value phase.
  • Jars are 2L that makes them spacious.
  • • Speed management is obtainable
  • It doesn’t have a timer.
  • It can’t be used for an extended amount of your time consecutively

8. Sowrna Lakshmi Wet Grinders, 150W

Sowrna Lakshmi Wet grinder is one of the best version for money value that the company is providing.

With a decent look, and amazing body quality it has beaten up all the grinders in this price range and providing a variety of features in addition.

This grinder has been proven to be very easy to use equipment that could be very helpful in your kitchen chores.

Its design helps the user to experience excellent grinding, giving the best results for the user’s satisfaction.

It has a very robust body which leads to very hassle-free and noiseless operations while grinding.

Key Features

  • Robust body – This leads to easy handling of the equipment while grinding.
  • 2 Litres of capacity – Providing a capacity of 2 litres makes it very spacious and easy to go for bulk grinding in one go.
  • Easy to clean – This grinder is very easy to clean and handle.
  • Lid is made up of polycarbonate material – This increases the durability of the grinder.
  • High-performance induction motor – Helps in better performance and excellent experience while grinding.
  • Robust body
  • Additional features like aata Kneader and coconut scraper.
  • Very spacious
  • Noiseless operations.
  • Stainless steel drum.
  • Body is made up of plastic which makes it look less attractive.
  • You can’t use the machine for a longer period in one go.

9.Bajaj WX 3 150-Watt Wet Grinder without Arm

Bajaj WX three 150-Watt wet grinder comes with a brilliant clean surface end which supplies the surrounding a really elegant look.

Coming up with economical and sturdy grinding stones and a motor overload preserver, it’s well-tried to be the foremost reliable grinder for users.

Bajaj grinders add up a classic look to your area and are well-tried to be very useful in daily kitchen chores.

The motor supplied with this grinder has the facility of a 150W giving the grinder a high induction power and therefore the user higher grinding expertise.

The lid is formed from polycarbonate material, giving the machine high durability.

Additionally, with all the rest of the options, they need to provide a spatula for combining, and easy removal of batter.

It has vacuum feet for simple operation.

Key Features

  • Classic look because of the super clean surface.
  • Grinding stones are economical and sturdy
  • It’s simple to use and easy to scrub.
  • High-performance induction motor
  • Two Litres of a drum that makes it spacious
  • Lid is formed from polycarbonate material. This enables the user to use the grinder for an extended period without even having any issues in functioning
  • 2L container makes it spacious.
  • Polycarbonate lids make the grinder additional sturdy.
  • A hundred and fifty W of induction motor makes the grinding method simple and ends up in high performance.
  • Economical grinding stones.
  • Further functionality: a spatula for mixing and easy removal of batter
  • Cannot be used continuously for an extended period.
  • You have to take care of the speed and should use the grinder up to the safety measures.

10. Premier Table Top Wet Grinder, 95W

Premier table top wet grinder comes up with a stainless-steel body which brings up a very unique look for the grinder.

The decent look of the grinder will add up an elite touch in your kitchen as well as it will be very helpful in your daily kitchen chores.

This stone grinder machine has efficient and durable grinding stones and it is proven to be the most reliable grinder for users.

With voltage support of 230 V, hence letting the user experience a very smooth and impact grinding.

The jar is made up of stainless material whose capacity is 1.5 litres which enables the user to do grinding for a bigger amount in one go.

Adding up a premier table top wet grinder in your kitchen would be a worthy addition to your kitchen collection.

Key Features

  • Decent look – The body of stainless steel gives a perfect look to the grinder and also makes it strong and impactful while grinding.
  • 95 W motor – Will help you to experience good and smooth grinding.
  • Very easy to use for the user.
  • Cleaning up this grinder is a very easy task to accomplish.
  • Very spacious, as a container is 1.5 L which lets the user do things in bulk.
  • Surface of the grinder is smooth.
  • Shine surface
  • Jar material is made up of stainless steel.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Cannot be used continuously for a longer period.
  • Need to be taken care while using.


Wet grinders are best for reducing physical strain and you can enjoy your favourite dish prepared in no time. Also, consider thinking about your daily usage and requirements before finalizing the product.

When compared to traditional grinders, wet grinders are best for providing smooth batter retaining its nutritious value.

Read the article completely and get a clear understanding of all the different products, their benefits and uniqueness.

Take your own time, analyse and make the right decision in choosing the best wet grinder machine for your home.


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